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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 22, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> right now at noon, it's all about thanksgiving day travel. millions scrambling to get to their destinations for thanksgiving. we have team coverage on the road and at the airport. we begin with john gonzalez. how are the roads where you are? john: well, i've got to tell you, right now inside the beltway, 395, it's pretty good. if you're going to hit the road, maybe now is the time. outside the beltway, a bit of a different story.
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south in prince william county -- that has some backups. it has had back ups all day long. this will be a record thanksgiving. more thanksgiving travel in the next couple of days than we have seen in 12 years. we are talking 51 million americans. that's from behind mobile track 7, traffic trailing us. 45 million of those 51 million will be hitting the road, like we are right now, between now and sunday. here in the d.c. area, 1.2 million will be driving 50 miles or more. a very busy dale city rest stop earlier today. listen to how this guy describes his trip so far. >> it's a punishing trip, as you can see. john: i like the way you describe that. tell me about your plan to leave at this time. was that strategicou
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my mother-in-law lives in maryland, so we split up the trip, spent the night in maryland. >> we have our turkey in the car, and we are ready to go. john: do you do this trip every year? do you leave at this time every year? what time did you leave? >> we left our house at 2:00 a.m. it was smooth until we got around here. despite the fact that gas prices are the highest they have been for thanksgiving in three years and rental car prices are the highest they have been in five years, people are still traveling in record numbers this week. ryan hughes, not only traveling on the road, but also traveling where you are. ryan: that's right, john. we have not seen any major delays here at reagan national, but the lines have been long and they have been steady all morn
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at one point, it stretched almost halfway down the airport. if you have not flown in a while, you will run into some changes. more than 91,000 people here in the d.c. area are flying to their thanksgiving destination. aaa says, big picture, we could see the largest number of travelers in a dozen years. today will be the second busiest day of the holiday weekend. airlines have been preparing by adding additional flights, but be prepared for those busy terminals and long lines. security, tsa now requires all electronics, larger than a cell phone, to be removed from their carry-on bag before screening. that does not include pre-check. there are also explosive detection canines out here, walking the lines for an added layer of security. >> if somebody is carrying anything that would be considered an explosive device or any traces of explosives, those dogs are
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that they can alert the handlers that something is amiss. ryan: back out here live, you can see the long lines today. we will see long lines again on sunday. that's expected to be the busiest travel day of the year. tsa is expecting it to be the top five busiest ever with 2.6 million passengers. we are live this afternoon at reagan national. ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kellye: let's talk -- adrianna: let's talk about the weather. ryan van de graaff is here with a check of the forecast. >> gorgeous blue skies, temperatures exceeding our best expectations from yesterday. the breezes are picking up. that cooler air is on the approach. be prepared for a bit of a cooling trend. look at the bay bridge camera. it's a little shaky out there as the winds are starting to pick up.
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low-60's briefly. now we are at 56. look to the west. this is the source of our air mass moving in. 45 winchester. 46 in hagerstown. your hour-by-hour forecast to show how those temperatures peaked here middle of the day, then you're going back down again. through the afternoon, 50's. those temperatures will be stepping back as we head through the afternoon. for thanksgiving thursday, plenty of sunshine, dry, but noticeably cooler, temperatures only in the mid-40's. we do rebound a little friday, for the big shopping day. the temperatures get a little cooler. you will need an extra layer, but there are no big storm systems. this morning's rain out of new york, into boston. if you are doing any day trip travel today or tonight, you're looking good. dry and cooler off to the midwest. to the carolinas,
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85. coming up, we will talk about things getting day and look ahead to the weekend -- about thanksgiving day and look ahead to the weekend. adrianna: remember, 7 on your side. we give you the forecast wherever you are. we have live traffic maps. you can always get breaking news alerts right to your phone. arrested,in, a man accused of sexually abusing a minor. authorities fear they may -- there may be more victims. he is accused of inappropriately touching a four-year-old girl at his home. detectives learned he may have assaulted other children ranging in age from four years old to seven years old over the years. as the national conversation on sexual harassment grows louder, president trump has broken his silence on the allegations against senate candidate roy moore. moore is not the only politician in the
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misconduct firestorm. an ethics investigation is now underway into sexual harassment allegations against representative john conyers, the longest-serving member of the house and a civil rights icon. >> the assistant attorney general -- lana: conyers reached a settlement with a former employee, who accused him of repeatedly asking her for sexual favors. the payout money coming from conyers' tax-payer funded congressional budget. a second employee of conyers alleged in a lawsuit obtained by abc news that conyers sexually harassed her with lingering repeatedly rubbing her shoulders and blowing kisses at her. that case was dropped after a judge rejected the employee's request to seal the case. senator al franken remains on the defensive. >> repeatedly rubbing her shoulders and blowing kisses at her. that case was dropped after a judge i stand next to senator franken and he pulls me in wa
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lana: in a statement, mr. franken said -- president trump who is denying, more than a dozen allegations of sexual impropriety himself, spoke for the first time about senate candidate roy moore, encouraging alabama voters to support moore, despite the allegations against him of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. president trump: we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. jones, i've look at his record. it's terrible on crime. he denies this. lana: moore is already using the president's words against his democratic opponent, doug jones. the jones campaign is using first daughter's ivanka's support of the female accusers against roy moore. lana zak, abc news. adrianna: the former doctor for the u.s. women's gymnastic team pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct in michigan. he
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prison. prosecutors say he molested girls under the guise of treatment at his home and at a gymnastics clinic at michigan state. so far, more than 130 women have accused him of sexual abuse, including gold medalist aly medalists aly raisman and gabby douglas. john lasseter is taking a leave of absence amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. he sent a memo to employees, apologizing for what he called "missteps." according to one employee, lassiter -- lasseter is known kissing, groping female employees. right now, the navy is searching for three service members after a transport plane crashed southeast of japan. eight others on that plane were rescued. they are now on board the carrier ronald reagan. this is the latest incident involving the navy's seven fleet.
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collisions involving japan-based destroyers earlier this year. next at noon, thousands in need are getting a much needed meal before the holiday. suzanne? suzanne: i'm live in northwest washington, and these people have great reason to be thankful this holiday season. i'll tell you why after the break. first, a look at traffic in the area. >> thanks very much. it's a busy midday. as we head into ward thanks giving tomorrow, a lot of folks on the road -- in toward thanksgiving tomorrow, a lot of folks on the road. it's going to be very heavy across the american legion bridge toward maryland. in maryland, the inner loop on the left side of your screen, very heavy out of bethesda. you see that inner loop is jammed already. for the beltway, outer loop past new
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towards -- some heavy volume for this stretch as well. prior to that on the beltway outer loop, a bit of a tough shot. the left shoulder is blocked for some police activity just before the parkway. delays here are pretty heavy back towards route 50 at the moment. i-270 northbound is already slow out of germantown. father hurley boulevard, expect some heavy delays. lanes do narrow up that way. off and on into frederick, expect heavier volume past germantown. 95 in virginia was awful yesterday. today, already slow, northbound into fairfax county parkway, heavy volume. and down in stafford county, the southbound ride is jampacked as well. that's all from the
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for the: just in time holiday, thousands are getting free hot meals at the washington convention center. suzanne kennedy is live with more. hey, suzanne. suzanne: this is the 18th annual event. they are just getting things started here. people are getting their places and enjoying this event for the row.year in a there are about 5000 people having this new here today -- this meal here today, about 1000 volunteers putting this on. we can see that folks have been row. there are about 5000 people having thisserved. we will talk now with gloria and hear what she think so this meal. i hate to interrupt you, but i'm going to do it.
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>> this is my fourth year, and i've really enjoyed this. this is amazing. it's amazing. i'm really enjoying myself. suzanne: there are 5000 people here, but there is a sense of fellowship. >> many come. a lot more to come. center, the the department of aging. i'm located at mayfair mansion. we just have a good time. suzanne: that's awesome. i'm going to talk to this woman over here who is a first time participant. you've never been to this meal before, but you seem to be enjoying it. yes. first time here, and it's wonderful. suzanne: what is it like to have this holiday meal with all of these strangers, but family here in the community? >> you make new friends. you start the holidays off. everything is wonderful.
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suzanne: this is the event for you. have a great thanksgiving. nice to see you here. this isn't the only event going on at the convention center. there is an expo downstairs where participants can get a free haircut, a manicure, and, in a little while, they will giving -- be giving out about 1300 coats provided by macy's. adrianna: that is absolutely awesome. brian: that's what it's all about, giving. good stuff out there. weather-wise, pretty nice. it's beautiful. it was warming up quite a bit, a little warmer than we were thinking yesterday, but the cold air is starting to move in. we will make that swing. our weather watcher said the winds are howling. be prepared. you can see our camera out there, shaking a little bit. 56, reagan national. last hour, we were at 5
12:17 pm
it to 60 degrees out there. look at these winds, sustained winds at 24 miles per hour. the air is bone dry. far, 58, today, thus 57 in manassas. put this against where we are right now. we have already slipped to 43 in cumberland, 45 in winchester. low 50's now dulles. the overall pattern here is those temperatures are going backwards as we watch these winds. sustained winds, 20 winchester, 24 downtown. this is a constant wind right now. the gusts, look at this 1, 33 downtown. blustery winds moving in here. beautiful, blue skies. look at the temperature trend, from 1:00, 58. by 4:00, only at 53. tonight,
12:18 pm
the cooler air is sinking in here tonight. as we go through tomorrow, for thanksgiving, the coldest day of the week. yesterday was the warmest. tomorrow, the coldest. out on longowers island, up towards boston and maine. that's pulling out of here. on the backside, a dry ridge of pressure builds in here. today or tomorrow, looking pretty good. even if you are flying, the big pubs are looking good -- hubs are looking good. there's just not much to share with you. traveling today, 50's from cooly, 30's in pittsburgh, in the upper midwest, but dry in most of those locations. tomorrow, dry, but cool. a good travel day tomorrow heading north or south. your forecast shows we do have that pattern where we are going to see some ups and downs.
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coming up. you can get that and your other information on the stormwatch app. 20/20 is this week, digging into new details of the 2002 murder of christa worthington that rocked cape cod. the man convicted of her killing is behind bars, still fighting for his freedom and claiming he is innocent. here to discuss details on this friday special is abc's dan abrams. thanks for your time. i kind every member this story as being one in a quiet town, not a lot of suspects, the first murder in 30 years, and it kind of went cold. [no audio] can you hear me? all right, having some technical difficulty on that. we will get back to him once we have a chance. "20/20" is this friday on abc 7.
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and get the support to find the answers, to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless. adrianna: we are trying this again. abc's lost dan abrams -- a bc's dan abrams is with us. thank you for your time this afternoon. i kind of remember this story back in 2002, a situation where this town had not had a murder in some 30 years, did not have an easily identifiable suspect, and it seemed to go cold for a while. dan: that's right. there were initially the obvious people they wanted to talk to, meaning there was someone she had recently broken up with, there was someone she had had a baby with, despite the fact that he was married.
12:23 pm
the police kind of focused on from, andithdrew then, low and behold -- lo and behold, they decided to test dna from the crime scene to match it to people from the community, and it matched with a local garbage collector who collected garbage from her house. he was eventually tried and convicted, and he is now trying to get a new trial. adrianna: and we were talking, you said that this appeal, another motion that he recently filed -- your take on the likelihood that it will go anywhere? dan: look, it's always tough once you've got a conviction to get it overturned. and a lot of what he is seeking -- he is basically saying, we need more information about the person that we believe ought to have been the main suspect here. we need access to certain phone records and other issues. they say that there was racial bias on the jury.
12:24 pm
questions, but a lot of them have been addressed already by the courts. so, the more you work your way through the courts, the fewer options you have. but i think certainly his defense team is hoping that, by putting some public pressure on them, that that could change things. it's always a tough spot for a defendant, both at trial and afterwards, when you say you were never at the scene and then your dna is found at the scene and then you change your story and say, actually, we were involved in a consensual relationship. adrianna: all right. thank you for your time. that "20/20" airs this friday night on abc 7 at 10:00. let's talk about "dancing with the stars." there's a new champion. jordan fisher and lindsay arnold have taken home the mirrorball trophy. pennacchioe
12:25 pm
fisher and lindsay arnold are the winners of season 25. for jordan, the victory goes way beyond the mirrorball. >> i love any opportunity to challenge myself and be challenged. she has made me a better person, artist, brother, friend, all those things, and that's what i'm going to take away from this. >> we have worked so hard. to have it pay off like it did tonight, i cannot express how grateful i feel. george: lindsey stirling and mark ballas landed in second. lindsey believes in the power of prayer. lindsey: i made it to the finale. i wanted to do that from the beginning. i killed it. my prayer was answered. i went out there. i had a blast. something about these last two nights was really special. ended uprankie muniz in third place, but he's
12:26 pm
"dancing with the stars" tour. >> we get another 13, 14 weeks. this is the best experience. i'm excited. done fordancing" is another season, but it will be back in the spring with an abbreviated all-sports edition. in los angeles, george pennacchio.
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beautiful day. brian: it is nice, but windy. it looks beautiful out there. get out and enjoy it. temperatures almost near 60 degrees right now. they do fall through the afternoon. tomorrow, 40's. dry for black friday. even into the weekend, if you want to get out and do some things, saturday, a stray shower at night, but most of the weekend looking solid. the warm up and then drop back. adrianna: stay with us. more of abc 7 news at noon, coming up.
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12:32 pm
scenes look. >> american airlines taking us behind the scenes, out on the flight line. there are plenty of deadlines and pressures to get jets turned around and people home. everything has to be done in 120 minutes. >> you may never see a mechanic like this, who checks the inside and outside equipment of your jet. >> the plane doesn't fly unless it's ready? >> right. and we will fix it if we can. >> if you look at if you're jet window and see a group of baggage handlers in a circle and wonder what's going on -- >> we are going to start with our right arms behind our backs. >> this is a stretching exercise. >> doesn't actually make a difference? >> it does make a difference. nobody realizes how physical the jobs in the airport industry are. >> the planes are lined up here as the crush hits.
12:33 pm
season. so far, cancellations among all airlines across the country have been lower than an average day. and now, locally, 1.2 million people are traveling from the dmv. on average, those people will travel 50 miles or more. there is a 3.6% increase in the total number of travelers over --6, a projected 21,000 91,600 residents of washington plan to fly to their thanksgiving destination, an increase of 5.1% over the 87,000 people who flew in 2016. the number of local residents traveling by trains, buses, and other modes of transportation is forecast to increase by 0.7%. we have covered the roads and the sky. how about the weather for this holiday? meteorologist brian van de graaff is here. brian: take a look at the picture of the capital. blue skies as far w
12:34 pm
we have some gusty breezes kicking in out of the north -northwest. temperatures had been going up, but i think we've hit the stopping point. 59 in quantico. 59 down at pax river. cameooler air, the front through overnight, now the cooler air will start to this and upon us -- start to descend upon us. more of a downward trend into the latter half of the afternoon. 46 already in hagerstown. 45 already in winchester. petersburg, west virginia, at 41. toward the three in cumberland. -- 43 in cumberland. we go to 2:00, 57. by 4:00, 53. 48 by 6:00. you can see the steps down. as we head into the evening, 30's likely, even some 20's in the burbs. tomorrow is the coolest day of the stretch. your thanksgiving day, temperatures will only be in the
12:35 pm
day. know weather happening storm wise, rain wise -- no weather happening storm-wise, rain-wise. friday, temperatures start to head up. even on the weekend, we could make a run at 60 on saturday. all in all, traveling across most of the lower 48 is looking pretty solid. adrianna: abc 7 and news channel 8 are getting a head start to help families in need. toy drive istots set for saturday, december 2, at national harbor. our "good morning washington" family will be there. the event runs from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. if you can't make it, log on to to make a donation. with your help, we can make sure all families have a happy holiday. an investigation is underway after a u.s. navy transport plane carrying 11 people trashed in the philippine sea. abc has more on
12:36 pm
desperate search for survivors after a u.s. navy plane with 11 military personnel on board crashed about 500 miles off the coast of the japanese island of okinawa. sailors are inur my thoughts and prayers as we perform search and rescue operations for a downed aircraft." eight of 11 sailors are safe and sound on the uss ronald reagan. they continue to search for three. plane,s learning the used to transfer people and supplies to carriers, was on its way to the uss ronald reagan. the ship is currently taking part in a field training exercise between the u.s. and japan. the u.s. seventh fleet has been involved in two deadly collisions in just the past six months, killing 17 sailors. in august, 10 sailors died when the uss mccain collided with an oil tanker
12:37 pm
killed when the uss fitzgerald crashed into a container ship off the coast of japan. the navy says it is now investigating what caused this morning's plane crash, and president trump, briefed on the incident, tweeted, "the u.s. navy is conducting search and rescue following aircraft crash. we are monitoring the situation. prayers for all involved." a north korean soldier is expected to make a full recovery after being shot while running across into south korea. take a look at this. that soldier has not been named, but several captures -- cameras captured him speeding toward the border. he tries to finish his escape on foot. he does make it to the dmz, but that is when chasing shoulders -- soldiers shoot him five to six times. he is forced to wait for help and crawl over into south korea.
12:38 pm
holiday vacation with an array of tweets aimed at -- president trump started his holiday vacation with an array of tweets aimed at lavar ball, calling him "a poor man's don king" and "an -- andful "ungrateful." he was not done tweeting. he turned his attention to the nfl, criticizing their idea of keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. the president tweeted that "it's almost as bad as kneeling." we should note the nfl did not designate teams to be on the field during the national anthem until 2009. now to a story that is trending all of her social media, celebrities, athletes, and many others demanding justice for a 29-year-old sentenced to life in prison for killing a man who hired her for sex when she was just6
12:39 pm
the 43-year-old in 2004. she says this was self-defense after he allegedly reached for a gun. she will not be eligible for parole until she is 69 years old. there's this developing story. sexual harassment scandals sweeping across the country. the newest big-name accused of sexual misconduct is a man behind pixar blockbusters like "frozen."" and this coming just 24 hours after charlie rose was fired from both cbs and pbs. >> ♪ geniuss credited as the behind the blockbuster "toy story" franchise, "finding nemo," and "frozen." >> ♪ >> but this morning, john lasseter is on a six-month leave of absence amid accusations
12:40 pm
reporter"that the studio executive famously known for hugging, was also allegedly known for hugging -- kissing and grabbing female employees. some female employees claimed they used a move called "the lasseter" to prevent their boss from touching their legs. >> they knew to move their faces very quickly, so that if he tried to catch -- kiss them, it would land on their cheeks, not their lips. >> "it's been brought to my attention i've made some of you feel disrespected or uncomfortable. that was never my intent. i deeply apologize." disney saying, "we are committed an environment in which all employees are respected and empowered to do their best work. we appreciate john's candor and sincere apology and fully support his sabbatical." this as charlie rose is facing more allegations of sexual misconduct. three cbs employees came forward tues
12:41 pm
who worked for his show accused him of unwanted sexual advances, including groping and walking around naked. tuesday. the anchor pbs officially ended its relationship with the star after disturbing his program for 26 years. rose defended himself in public on tuesday. >> do you want to say anything to those accusers? charlie: [inaudible] adrianna: next at noon, remembering david cassidy. we will take a look back at the life and career of the 1970'
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: back now at 12:43, we are celebrating the life of singer and actor david cassidy, star of hit series "the partridge family." ofdied tuesday at the age 67. we have a look back at his life and career. >> ♪ i think i love you so what am i so afraid of? ♪ david cassidy smiled and sang his way into the hearts and minds and diaries of millions of young women. >> ♪ i think i love you >> in magazines like "sixteen," "the partridgees family," featured as keith partridge, alongside danny bonaduce and his real-life stepmother shirley jones. >> i've had it. they just won't leave me alone. >> david cassidy
12:45 pm
and approachable and unthreatening, slightly androgynous, and super crush worthy, as those screams confirmed. >> i was the first really marketed rock music star that became lunchboxes, bubblegum cards, all of that. >> when he posted for this picture in 1972, whoa. from the mid-1970's onward, cassidy found success on stage and on tv. he recorded and he toured. personal challenges lay ahead. there would be a series of arrests for dui. early in 2017, he would announce that he suffered from dementia. >> what do you want most be remembered for? >> spreading love, bringing light into people's lives, giving everything in my heart and soul. ,ecause i know i'm a loving caring human being. i don't mind being remembered for being an alcoholic. i don't
12:46 pm
>> he died in fort lauderdale at the age of 67, a teen idol for all time. you are the greatest at your job in your lifetime, wouldn't you agree? >> of course i was. >> [laughter] >> ♪ i think i love you adrianna: catchiest song of all time. i heard you sing it over there. brian: maybe you will be singing about turkey. time.he outside today, a little bit breezy, but we warmed up nicely. now we start the fall. for the next couple days, whether traveling loki -- locally or far away, most of the lower 48 states in the u.s. are going to be fairly dry. no big weather systems headed our way. there could be some breezes and clouds, but there are no big storm systems out there. in
12:47 pm
anybody is out there toughing out the golf. cooler air starts to pool in. cumberland at 43. our friends in west virginia have dropped back to 35 degrees. 58 briefly. those numbers starting to slip back. still milder down in culpeper. 59 down at pax river. part of the reason that colder air is finally getting in here is because these winds have picked up. constant winds in the low 20 mile-per-hour range. some gusts in the low-to-mid 30's. that's bringing in the cooler air. as we look at our hour-by-hour are reallyhose winds kicking and temperatures are stepping down. low-50's,sh hour, quickly into the 40's, even 30's later tonight. 20's most likely
12:48 pm
4:50. overnight temperature, 27 to 32, still breezy tonight. the northeast is looking gorgeous. showers for new york and boston moving out. new york is drying out, 50's. 30's in pittsburgh. down through the south. orlando 70's. 60's in atlanta. there could be a storm or two in miami, but typical. denver, l.a., san francisco, no big weather issues for the airports. seattle could see a little bit of rain. tomorrow,at home for if you are enjoying some turkey with the family and friends, know that tomorrow will be a cooler day. 45, typically at 55 degrees. a quick peek at tomorrow night, big game, redskins hosting the vikings. if you are going to the game, -- giants, sorry. i think i already d
12:49 pm
tryptophan. 35 to 38. dress in layers. tomorrow will be a chilly night. adrianna: are you about to fall asleep on us? brian: the redskins could be playing the local mini five-year-old team. adrianna: all right. it will be fine. optimism here. happening right now, thousands in need getting a hot meal just in time for thanksgiving. suzanne kennedy is at the washington convention center, spreading the holiday cheer. suzanne: we are at the 18th annual feast for sharing. you can see there is a large number of people here. about 5000 people here at this meal that is being held at the walter washington convention center. come on over here. let me show you what they are having. they have all the trimmings, turkey, greens, potatoes, cranberry, and lots of other things, like pie for
12:50 pm
putting on this event. it has become an annual tradition here in washington, d.c. one of the people who is attending this event is from hyattsville. this is your first time at this event. >> it is. suzanne: what do you think so far? >> it's wonderful. it's a blessing. i just feel so good to be part of it. suzanne: you are here with a lot of people you don't know, but is there a sense of fellowship? >> it's a good spirit in the room, for sure. i just feel blessed. i just love the whole idea of the event. suzanne: personally, what are you thankful for this year? >> i'm thankful for everything, my life. i'm thankful for so much. suzanne: you have a great thanksgiving. they just brought you a piece of pie. have a great holiday. >> happy thanksgiving!
12:51 pm
go to an expo where they could get a free manicure, free haircut, flu shots. there were 1300 coats provided to this event by macy's. in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy. back to you. adrianna: coming up on abc 7 news at noon, is it real or fake? the warning from u.s. customs about counterfeit products flooding into the country.
12:52 pm
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to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless. adrianna: a consumer alert. the annual trouble in toyland report is out, just in time for black friday. parents are urged to avoid buying fidget spinners which can pose a choking hazard. avoid hoverboard's which can
12:54 pm
toys with jewelry and excessive amounts of lead. toys that connect to the internet may put your child's privacy at risk. read more about the warnings on our abc 7 news app. homeland security officials are warning shoppers about counterfeit products. one out of every five counterfeit items smuggled into the u.s. comes through new york's jfk airport. one specific item they are warning about, bogus nintendos with flimsy power cords that could catch fire. also i'm a shipments of bogus pharmaceuticals are increasing, -- also, shipments of bogus pharmaceuticals are increasing, particularly viagra. next i knew, your turkey day noon, your next at turkey day forecast. streaming and gaming are only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection you get the fastest internet available
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adrianna: a lot to be grateful for. brian: pretty dry out there. breezy. you can still get outside with the layers. no rain or snow. take a look at your thanksgiving outlook. tomorrow's highs only in the mid-40's, a cool day. get out and enjoy the redskins tomorrow night against the giants. it will be in the 30's. black friday shopping, temperatures start to warm. adrianna: all right. we will see you back here tomorrow. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
12:58 pm
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>> announcer: time to party. it's t-minus one day till turkey time so we're going all out and serving up the thanksgiving family favorites you've been craving. carla's got some cheesy baked goodness inspired by her granny. then michael's dishing out the super soup the symon family goes wild for. >> oh, daddy, i'm talking to you. >> announcer: plus, we're checking in with our superfans to see if their friendsgiving was a complete success or a total mess. how'd they do? find out right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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